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Kia Soul EV 27kWh passant les 100 000 km ! Toujours 202km...

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en ECO-conduite évidemment ...


Il doit que faire du trajet TAF (dans les bouchons) ou de la ville à 50km/h pour avoir l'indicateur d'autonomie "bloqué" à 202km


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Over 103000km and still able to break the 200km/charge mark in the summer.

I'm interested to see how the battery holds up over 200,000km....which should be in about 2 years


I hypermile the car all day every day (consistent throttle, efficient speed, best route etc).

I'm not sure what actually helps the car most, but I need this battery to make 350000km so I try everything.


I only charge to 100 when I need too.

I never leave the battery at 100 for more then an hour. And when I charge, I do it in stages...1am=80%, 430am=100%.


That way the battery doesn't get to warm, it won't sit at 100% to long, and the battery will be at operating temp as soon as I leave to work.


During the winter I purposely have the battery charge finish right before I leave to work so that it's still warm and I don't spend any energy warming it up.

I have never quick charged.


I try not to charge it if the car, or outside air temp is too warm.

If it's really warm I use 120v.

I always drive in B.

I barely use any climate function.


In city driving, I've done over 200km many times.

Summer average on rural roads is about 185k.

I've never had less then 120km even in the winter.


Winter average is 135-150km.

Except twice I've driven the car at very high speed for a long duration, and the range dropped substantially.


My approach has been- EV batteries are still new, and much of what we learn is good for them hasn't truly been time tested.

So to protect my investment, I put a lot of thought into whats good for the car.

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