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  1. We are two just-retired Swedes driving a Nissan Leaf to Spain and blogging the attempted trip at Anyone who has taken a long road trip, or wants to, or thinks that that is the stupidest idea yet, is welcome to join in and comment on the blog site. We look forward to finally getting into the French countryside and lingering wherever the mood takes us. Hell, we may not even attempt Spain, if france is a nice as we think it will be. We have all the EV mapping apps our smartphones can hold, a Kiwhi card, Type 3 converter cord and think we are ready. (We also have a tent if all goes wrong!) So, if interested, go to the blog and say hello.
  2. merci to all who have responded. Kratus: Thans for the fine welcome and advise. SoulEV2016. Your reply is much appreciated. I had only heard of the Kiwhi card and will order the second one two. It seems one can never have enough options. Also, the idea of calling ahead to a hotel seems very wise. Gégé: A Nissan Leaf. Treyen: Good luck on your trip too. I had not heard of this overheating problem before, so agoogling I will go. We have gone 500 km north of Stockholm and mostly fast charged without any problems. Our personal style is not to "make" time on the roads, but to enjoy the trip along the way. Stopping often to enjoy a pretty village, museum or countryside means we seldom fast-charge more than a few times before stopping for the night on a slow charge. Hopefully the slow-one sufficiently breaks up the approx. 5 pattern you warn us about. Thanks. Also, It sounds as if you are taking the ferry to Denmark. But EV-ing the main motorways in Sweden is not a problem this year. A lot of new stations were set up during the winter. So, with new gizmos, the reliability is so far good. -Scott & Birgitta
  3. First, my apologies about writing in English, but although I can read some French, I just cannot write anything intelligible. My wife & I are planning to drive from Stockholm to Spain this autumn, and I am trying to gather info now about how easy or hard it is in practice to find CHAdeMO devices and which are the companies we need to write to get recharge cards. Is it possible to use a credit card instead? Are there any EV-charge cards that work in Belgium, Germany, Spain etc? If we stop to take a hike in one of your many fine parks and countryside, are store owners or people in general willing to let someone recharge a couple of hours from their store or home (220 V AC), and if so, what is the customary amount of payment to offer them? Any and all practical info about long-distance driving of an EV in France would be highly appreciated. If you don't want to reply in English, that's fine, my wife's French a bit better than mine, and we both speak Spanish, if you know that better than English. and there's always Google translate to really make the miscommunication complete! ;D

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