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It will be based on the E-GMP architecture.
In January this year, Kia announced more details about its electrification strategy and hinted about a new member of its EV lineup scheduled to arrive in 2024. At the time, the manufacturer only released a single shadowy image with a high-riding machine, and we have a new rendering to share with you in an attempt to unhide the model’s secrets.

Tentatively dubbed EV7, the EV SUV has been envisioned by our friends and colleagues at and by this early preview, we can already say it is shaping up to be a large machine. The automaker has already announced all its upcoming EVs in the foreseeable future will be based on the Electric Global Modular Platform (E-GMP), jointly developed with Hyundai.

As you can see from the attached image, the EV7 could feature room for up to seven passengers in a roomy cabin hidden underneath a boxy body. The exterior design could be best described as creased, and this should allow the engineers to maximize the interior space. The E-GMP platform can underpin RWD electric cars with all-wheel-drive capability, and we expect the large electric SUV to offer an AWD option.

Last month, a prototype of the EV7 was spied on the road for the first time, and the spy photo suggested the rear end will have high-mounted taillights and a massive hatch. For now, from the teaser image and the spy photo, all we can say is that this electric vehicle won’t look similar to the brand’s combustion-powered or hybrid sport utility vehicles.

It’s worth mentioning that Hyundai will also have an equivalent version of the EV7. In May this year, the South Korean manufacturer hinted about the so-called Ioniq 7 with a debut planned, again, for 2024. Our colleagues at InsideEVs speculated that this vehicle could offer a range of up to 249 miles (400 kilometers) or more per charge, though nothing can be confirmed at this point."

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